Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to work across a wide variety of sectors, with firms of very different size and scale. I draw on this experience to help my clients maximise return on sales investment, drive down cost of sale, increase win rates and ultimately make the sales process enjoyable for all involved.

Professional Services

I understand the pressure that is applied on highly experienced and credentialed technical experts to 'be in sales' once they reach a certain level in the pyramid.


My fundamental belief is that opportunity management and relationship-building skills should be built in parallel, and be treated with equal importance to technical competency, from the beginning of peoples' careers, all the way through.


This helps alleviate the stigma attached to selling and encourages people to build honest and rewarding professional relationships with colleagues, clients and potential clients at every level of an organisation.

Professional services

Corporate Multinationals

Corporate multinationals


Communication is the single most important skill required in business. Without it, all other skills are redundant.

Clarity, simplicity, reinforcement of powerful messages and modelling of behaviours from the top down are all vital to the success of any brand refresh, product launch or change programme associated with a new go-to-market strategy.

I work with leadership teams, middle management and the sales and marketing function to define their messages, believe them and convey them both internally and to the market.

Corporate multinationals

Entrepreneurial businesses

Entrepreneurial businesses


I'm fascinated by the way the world of work is changing. Barriers to entry have changed dramatically, the workforce is driven by different motivations, brands have to grab the attention quickly and maintain loyalty through speaking to the heart.


Living in the heart of East London when I started my business, I have worked with some fascinating entrepreneurs and tech companies.


I am passionate about using my experience for the benefit of purposeful organisations, where everybody in the organisation is engaged in representing the brand and providing exceptional customer service.

Entrepreneurial businesses

I work with:

  • Individuals – to help them manage themselves, so they can best lead, inspire and motivate others;

  • Teams – to help them work most effectively together to win complex deals in a more co-ordinated and fulfilling way; and

  • Organisations – to help them team collaboratively with clients and potential clients, to build authentic relationships and add more value.