About me...and others

Ellen Price

I’m driven by sparking genuine emotional connection in professional relationship building. The buying process is a series of conversations that change in nature and complexity - each one an opportunity to build more trust.

After 15 years in BD at PwC and other management consultancies in London, Sydney and Geneva, I had lost sight of my professional purpose. In 2015, I took a coaching qualification that led to me establishing Think Feel Do to help put human connection back at the heart of sales. A smooth sales process is essential to supporting the right conversations, but it is the right behaviours that win work.

I truly believe sales is something you do for someone, not to someone. And at the heart of selling with purpose is storytelling - using your experience to help someone understand something in a new or different way. The ability to tell powerful, persuasive stories and help someone trust you enough to share their story in return, is the rocket fuel behind building meaningful professional relationships

My network


My clients benefit from the network I have built over many years, with inspiring leaders, frontline sales practitioners, trainers, coaches, pitch and proposal specialists, storytellers, creative designers and brand specialists, all of whom value collaboration and communication to the core.


Success is always a team effort and for each of my clients, I ensure that I bring the right mix of skills, chemistry and business or industry knowledge to drive truly bespoke sales transformation.