I practice coaching-led sales effectiveness. Behavioural change is at the heart of what I do.  How people communicate and collaborate through the sales process has a huge impact on your clients, your people and the company.

I believe in helping people work better together.



When launching or redefining a business, brand or product you need a well defined sales and marketing strategy, underpinned by a realistic sales plan. 


The story and behaviours you want to convey need to be modelled by the leadership team and believed by your people, so there is consistency of message when you go to market.

I work with my clients to achieve a crystal clear vision and a practical plan of how to get there.



To bring your vision to life, you need an efficient and effective sales infrastructure, fit for purpose and robust enough for growth.


I work with my clients to build and embed consistent best practice, including: sales process; pipeline and opportunity management; strategic account management; and big bids.


Implementation is coaching-led, so that people believe for themselves the value in working together in smarter and more collaborative ways.



The key to change or doing something new is making decisions and taking action.   Time spent in internal meeting rooms is time not spent with clients.


There are lots of reasons holding people back from sales and networking. Training sales theory will not address this. 


I believe in an applied approach - where each and every person is responsible and accountable to themselves for taking action. Coaching gives people ownership over their actions and the confidence to try new approaches or practice their skills.

What my clients say...

Strategy and coaching

"Over the course of three years Ellen has become more than a consultant to our firm. She has built coaching relationships, helped clarify our direction, introduced processes and delivered training which have together transformed our collective understanding and grasp of all things business development-related. She also led – as Bid Director – our largest ever public sector framework bid (which we were successful with).


This is in large part due to Ellen’s ability to quickly and effectively identify a need and use her considerable skills, experience and wonderful ability to build rapport with stakeholders, to fulfil it. Ellen is enormously versatile, has boundless energy and positivity and an outstanding work ethic. Balanced with this responsiveness and flexibility is her ability to maintain a strategic perspective and a crystal clear sense of vision and purpose through ever-changing context, which sets her apart from most consultants I know. I would not hesitate to recommend Ellen as a consultant, coach, trainer and Business Development leader; indeed I consider her an invaluable colleague and advisor."

Strategic Marketing Director, Global Advisory Firm,

May 2019

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